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Why You Need Earrings That Match Your Eye Color

These were the studs I was wearing that led me to realize that gemstone color can enhance eye color — these are by BCE Jewelry


After having Gino, I was very hesitate on wearing earrings.  It didn’t matter if they were hoops, dangles or studs — I was too afraid to wear earrings after thinking about him potentially ripping them out of my ear. Honestly, it might be one of my biggest fears. Then one day I was busy shooting photos for a designer who had me fully decked out in jewelry, including earrings in all three of my holes. Suddenly, Gino woke up screaming and without thinking I picked him up and soothed him back to sleep. It wasn’t until I went back to doing what I was doing that I realized I had been wearing earrings and he never got anywhere near my ear. That put my fears at ease and I soon began to slowly wear earrings again.  Nothing big though — just studs.

Emerald Earrings

I was wearing some tourmaline studs from a designer when someone told me that they didn’t realize I had green eyes until now. Funny, I actually don’t have green eyes — they’re hazel, but the greens really did pop more because of the green tourmaline earrings. That got me thinking and wishing for some big emerald stud earrings.

Fast forward to a few weeks later and while scrolling Instagram (how most stories begin) I stumbled upon some freshly set emerald stud earrings from Mollie Francine. Each were handmade in 18k yellow gold settings and the range of sizes she had was great! I opted for a pair of 2.90 carats total emerald studs and since wearing them now for about a month, I’ve never had so many compliments about how they bring the color of my eyes out. I never thought of this before but really, what a great reason to purchase stud earrings based upon your eye color.

Would love to hear if you have done this or are going to try it out — let me know how it goes!