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7 Must-Have Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry Pieces

If you are a hard-core jewelry lover and always look forward to keeping an eye on the jewelry, there's no denying that rainbow moonstone jewelry is a trend that's on the rise. 

The exquisite gemstone has appeared in several jewelry designs, shapes, and settings. 

It has a subtle yet striking appearance, and it can be paired with a wide range of outfits to suit any occasion.

Moonstone jewelry has been revered since ancient times for its beauty and symbolism, as well as its healing benefits.

Moonstone, since it's ruled by the planet Moon, the planet of emotions, tends to soothe the body and mind, as well as cleanse negative energy. It promotes clarity of thought and activates the intellect. 

By minimizing feelings of rage, aggression, or domineering, Moonstone Jewelry can alleviate aggressive tendencies, allowing for tranquility, focus, and balance in life. The obvious benefits of wearing Moonstone jewelry have made it a popular trend among famous people and celebrities.

With this beautiful gem in mind, we have rounded up seven must-have rainbow moonstone jewelry pieces so you can explore everyone's favorite ways to wear this genuine moonstone jewelry.

Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

Put on this stunning rainbow moonstone necklace with your outfit for your next party or event! Its rose gold setting gives out the classic finishing touches.

This real moonstone necklace is stunning with even a simple outfit, making you stand out from the crowd. Having this necklace rest near the collarbone makes it an instant eye-catcher. It looks fantastic even if worn over a fine-gauge sweatshirt or turtleneck - a perfect option for cold weather.

Moonstone pendant


Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

With an elegant pair of rainbow moonstone earrings featuring rainbow moonstones, you can instantly get chic update! The drop earrings look elegant paired with a simple ponytail or bun because the dangling shape draws attention to your face and makes your features pop.

This stunning pair of earrings work well with a simple cocktail dress or jumpsuit. The bewitching look of these pieces makes them perfect to wear as bridal jewelry on your big day, and they would also go well with other moonstone jewelry pieces.

moonstone earrings

Rainbow Moonstone Gold Ring 

Taking to moonstone gold jewelry, this yellow 10K gold ring features a distinctive eye-catching, and unique design. You can even choose what color of 10k gold you would prefer for the setting for this piece.

Rainbow moonstone gemstone ring, one of our most versatile jewelry pieces, can be worn almost anywhere, with your casual daytime sundress to your tailored business look. In addition, Emerald cut rainbow moonstone rings make a great alternative to traditional wedding bands with their classic shape.

Moonstone gold ring

Moonstone Pendants

The moonstone gemstone can enhance the appeal of any other jewelry piece. The moonstone pendant necklace with a small moonstone adds elegance to any outfit. Sterling silver chain pendant jewelry with moonstone can become a staple in your wardrobe. Paring it with moonstone studs can be the cherry on the pie. 

Moonstone Pendant

Rainbow Moonstone Stud Earrings 

Sterling silver rainbow moonstone studs can be whimsical and beautiful in their enchanting blue and white hues. Adding a pop of color to your outfit will make your look more unique. These are sure to become one of your favorite pieces of jewelry!

Moonstone Stud Earrings


Rainbow Moonstone 925 Sterling Silver Ring

In a moonstone sterling silver ring, a natural rainbow moonstone is sure to stand out because of the light being reflected, allowing the colors of the stone to pop out. Any woman would appreciate its addition to her jewelry box!

With this ring, you can pair everything from casuals to formals. Its classic design makes this lightweight silver ring a perfect example of comfort and style!

moonstone rings

Explore rainbow moonstone jewelry from YoTreasure 

The YoTreasure jewelry collection features fine jewelry with unique, and contemporary aesthetics. Incorporating the latest trends into classic fine jewelry elements is the hallmark of our rainbow moonstone jewelry. Every piece of jewelry we offer is well crafted, using authentic gemstones.

We offer a wide range of contemporary fine sterling silver rings for women that are timeless and unique.


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