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Grounding Your Energy: The Power of Crystals for Root Chakra Healing

As the name suggests, the Root Chakra is the base of all seven chakras available in our body. It is also responsible for our fundamental physical and emotional needs, including self-protection and confidentiality. It is also the very first among all seven chakras available in our body, so you need to protect it using Root Chakra stones. This chakra functions as the origin point of our emotions and complex thinking. Since it also links the power of nature with our spirits, you can enhance the capabilities of this chakra by regularly exercising in your garden, park, etc. With Yo Treasure, unveil crystals for Root Chakra healing power.

List of Crystals Used for Healing the Root Chakra

There are various kinds of crystals for Root Chakra available. With the help of gemstones, you can clean your Root Chakra and recover your emotional self from any traumatic experience. Since the color of the Root Chakra is red, crystals that are red, reddish brown, and black bring the most benefits to this chakra point. Let us check out the best crystals for Root Chakra below:

Red Jasper: One of the most effective crystals for Root Chakra is Red Jasper. It helps in nurturing your soul as well as your Root Chakra. Also famous as the crystal of endurance, the Red Jasper can assist you in overcoming difficulties and boosting your self-confidence. By wearing this stone as a ring or pendant, you will be able to increase your inner fortitude and vitality. This beautiful stone can help you regain your passion for different things and helps you develop your inner strength.

Garnet: Garnet is a red-colored stone that closely resembles a pomegranate. This beautiful Root Chakra crystal is one of the best for its healing properties and regenerative abilities. It can effectively boost your physical and emotional health and increase your Root Chakra's energy level. If you want to increase your fortitude and bravery, using a Garnet as an ornamental stone would be a good choice. Your kundalini power will also get influenced by this beautiful stone.

Black Onyx: As an extremely beneficial Root Chakra stone Black Onyx helps recover our chakra and help it maintain an equilibrium. Although some of the qualities of this black stone resemble Obsidian stone, it provides support to your mental as well as physical prowess. Black Onyx helps us channel the earthly energy throughout our body, and at the same time, it can bring out the warrior mentality from your inner self.

Hematite: If you feel that your Root Chakra has been filled with negativity, then you should select Hematite as one of your Root Chakra stones. It specializes in counteracting negative energy. The energy emitted from your aura gets purified through Hematite, and your Root Chakra continues to receive the purified energy until it has reached equilibrium.

Hematite can also help you focus on your emotional as well as physical self, and at the same time, it can help you stay in the present moment. You can easily control your emotions and thoughts before they start controlling your mind.

Smoky Quartz: Smoky Quartz is one of this planet's finest crystals for Root Chakra. First of all, Smoky Quartz can clear and re-energize your Root Chakra and simultaneously benefits your crown chakra. Accompanying this crystal with yourself will enable you to receive the earthly energy from Quartz while it can also help you connect with universal resonance.

This Root Chakra stone enables you to learn to let go of the things that don't support us and to see your possible directions uncomplicatedly. The energy within the stone is genuinely soothing, and when your Root Chakra gets unblocked, you won’t receive any psychological problems.

Carnelian: Another unique Root Chakra stone that has multi-layered features is Carnelian. This particular Root Chakra crystal will remind you of life's happiness and can also clean your sacral chakra. If you are feeling negative emotions such as depression, constant mood fluctuations, etc., then Carnelian Crystal can be the perfect solution. This beautiful crystal represents self-assurance, brilliance, and extraordinary bravery. Therefore using this crystal will give you all the motivation you need to face your life daily. It will give you enough inner strength to continue throughout your life.

Method of Using Root Chakra Stones

Although various methods are available, you can reap the benefits of Root Chakra stones, such as keeping a Root Chakra stone under you while sleeping or in your living room. However, if you keep the stone close to you all the time, you can maximize the benefits of crystals. For example, you can wear the stones as a bracelet, pendant, ring, etc. this way; the stones will directly touch your body and constantly provide energy to the Root Chakra.

What are the Other Ways You Can Use Root Chakra?

You can release a solid, level-headed vibe when you have complete control over your Root Chakra. This radiation enables you to have a confidence level like no other, and you will be able to get in touch with the earthly energy. Your physical, mental, and emotional energy connect, creating a harmonized state. Another big advantage of having a balanced Root Chakra is that you will be able to manage your emotions effectively and not get overwhelmed by negative feelings. Furthermore, you will be able to get rid of depression, stress, and anxiety in your life as a result of having a balanced Root Chakra.

Final Words

Using crystals for Root Chakra comes with multiple benefits, and the healing effect of these crystals are top-notch. If your Root Chakra has been blocked, wearing these crystals will help you release the blockage and recharge the energy core. In addition to all these benefits, you will also receive emotional support and a boost in your physical health.

However, it would help if you also remembered that using crystals for Root Chakra is not a substitute for modern medicine and exercises. To maximize the effectiveness of the crystals, you should use complementary therapy while wearing the crystals in the form of a pendant, ring, etc.


Q: What should I wear for Root Chakra?

The color of the Root Chakra is red; therefore, wearing the red color and red crystals for Root Chakra will keep your chakra balance intact. As a result, you will feel more in control of what you consider important to your survival, such as your finances, security, and autonomy.

Q: What weakens the Root Chakra?

Your Root Chakra can weaken or get blocked by binge eating, panic attacks, depression, rage, anxiety, overthinking, or psychological trauma. In this scenario, you should use a Root Chakra stone to eliminate the emotional stress and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Q: How can I heal my Root Chakra fast?

If you want to heal your Root Chakra faster, then you should Root Chakra stones in the form of bracelets, rings, etc., and practice yoga and meditation regularly.


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