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Our emotions originate from the Heart Chakra, which is also the source of human love and empathy. All the positive energy for emotions flows through this particular chakra point. Also famous as Anahata chakra (its Sanskrit name), this particular chakra point links the upper chakra points with the lower chakra points available in the human body, which is why you need to keep it balanced with the help of crystals for Heart Chakra. Moreover, the Heart Chakra points arouses emotions and feelings such as connectivity with other individuals, trust, feelings of compassion, awareness, and self-care. At Yo Treasure, you can find the best collection of Heart Chakra Crystals to elevate both fashion and energy!

Best Crystals for Heart Chakra You Can Use

Mainly two types of colored stones can be used as Heart Chakra stones, blushing pink and gleaming green crystals. These Heart Chakra stones can directly connect with your heart and provide multiple benefits, such as helping you realize your self-worth, increasing tranquility in your spirit, boosting your physical health, and increasing your happiness. Let us have a look at the finest crystals for Heart Chakra you can use:

Malachite: Malachite stones are a great source of positive energy, incredible endurance, and vitality. A prominent feature of green and black Malachite stone is that it gives you a sound voice and a transparent heart which are the two important elements that help you spread and feel love. Malachite is also used to heal the throat chakra. Due to its significant benefits, Malachite is sometimes called a stone of transformation. It can be an excellent crystal to carry if you are an empath. It will lift some of your emotional burdens while focusing on helping others so they can remain emotionally healthy.

Rose Quartz: One of the finest crystals used for the Heart Chakra is Rose Quartz. This particular Heart Chakra crystal is pinkish in color and filled with positive energy and tenderness. Due to its compassionate nature, this stone is often regarded as the crystal of unconditional love. Apart from providing its users with benefits like psychological healing and forgiveness, it also fills the heart with solicitude. If your Heart Chakra is sealed, you can use this crystal to open it up. If you want to work on your relationship, self-esteem, etc. Rose Quartz would be your best Heart Chakra stone.

Peridot: Peridot is one of the finest crystals that sparkle in iridescent green tones. Due to its luscious brilliance, you can feel the stone's energy in your Heart Chakra as you work on improving yourself by removing negative emotions such as jealousy, bitterness, wrath, etc. Peridot fills our Heart Chakra with positive emotions and rates room for vitality, enthusiasm, and inspiration.

Green Tourmaline: With the help of Green Tourmaline, your Heart Chakra can directly connect with nature and bring out the spirituality within you. The high frequency released by Green Tourmaline strengthens your heart physically, increases empathy, and eliminates the negative emotions in your Heart Chakra. If you want to establish a connection with nature and increase your sensitivity, Green Tourmaline is one of the best crystals you can get your hands on. Apart from these, it also increases your physical prowess and self-confidence.

Emerald: Available in green shades, the Emerald stone is one of the finest crystals for the Heart Chakra, and it gives the Heart Chakra a sense of spirituality and clarity of thought. Emerald works on multiple levels, and it will engrain love, spiritual balance, harmonious relationship, etc., in the user’s Heart Chakra. If you keep Emerald close to your heart, you will also gain wisdom and be able to listen and trust your heart. Your mindset will become more relaxed, and you will be able to interact with other people without any kind of discomfort.

Moss Agate: Another beautiful and elegant Heart Chakra stone filled with earthen energy is Moss Agate. It is a source of genuine emotional energy that helps you thrive in this competitive world. The name Moss Agate is given to the crystal due to its elegant mossy green design, and more importantly, this crystal has the power to soothe your spirit and cure the Heart Chakra. 

Moss Agate can heal you in various ways, and it constantly attracts you toward the beauty of nature, helps you maintain your self-worth, and keeps boosting your self-confidence. Furthermore, this beautiful crystal can help you build rapport and tranquility in your relationships.

Green Aventurine: If you want to heal your Heart Chakra quickly, there is no better Heart Chakra stone than Green Aventurine. The core of this crystal is full of earthen energy, which will directly flow to your Heart Chakra if you keep it together with you. The positive energy released by the Green Aventurine is good for maintaining the balance of your Heart Chakra. If you can bond robustly with the earthly energy released by this green-colored crystal, your ties with nature will be enhanced.

How to Utilize the Heart Chakra Stones

Stone crystals for Heart Chakra are best utilized when kept close to the heart or individual’s body. Although you can certainly keep it under the pillow while sleeping or hold it in your hand during yoga and meditation sessions, you will be able to reach the emotionally balanced state faster if you use the crystals in the following ways:

Wear the crystals as pendants: Since it is the Heart Chakra stones, keeping the crystals near your heart will benefit you the most, and reaching the emotional equilibrium stage will become faster.

Use them as rings, earrings, and bracelets: You won’t need to hold the stone in your hand if you wear them as bracelets, rings, etc. The stones will always be connected to your body and replenish your Heart Chakra constantly.

Additional Application of the Heart Chakra

Once you have unlocked and stabilized the emotional imbalance of your heart, you will gain the ability to connect your spirit with the higher heart, which is a state of love, passion, and conviction. Reaching this state only becomes possible if you meditate along while wearing crystals for Heart Chakra in bracelets, rings, etc. 

Since the fourth or Heart Chakra is located near your heart, you should benefit more if you wear the Heart Chakra stones as a pendant or necklace. However, if you want to experience this life-changing moment of truth, you must also be patient because some people may reach this stage slowly but steadily. Therefore, take your time and always keep yourself attached to Heart Chakra stones.

To Conclude

Since the Heart Chakra is the source of your emotions, having Heart Chakra stones closer to you will only amplify your spirituality and take care of your psychological wellness. The crystals that balance the Heart Chakra can also unblock, heal and activate it. The properties of the Heart Chakra stones will offer special qualities and advantages if used together with yoga and meditation.

No matter what kind of objective you have in mind, using these crystals will help you boost your self-worth, heal your previous traumas, develop a greater sense of love within you, and, most importantly, help you reach the point of emotional equilibrium.


Q: What is the best heart-opening crystal?

Among all the existing Heart Chakra stones, Green calcite is considered the best one. If your Heart Chakra is blocked, use Green calcite to open it up quickly. To receive the best benefits, use it as a pendant. 

Q: Is Rose Quartz for the Heart Chakra?

Yes, Rose Quartz is an excellent healing stone for the Heart Chakra. The positive energy the Rose Quartz crystal releases will fill your Heart Chakra with positive emotions and confidence and heal your past traumas. 

Q: What causes a weak Heart Chakra?

The Heart Chakra is closely associated with love and other types of emotions. However, negative feelings and emotions, such as psychological trauma, over-reckoning, unpleasant memories, etc., can block and hamper your emotional equilibrium.


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