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A Complete Guide To Larimar Gemstone Jewelry

Larimar is an incredibly rare gemstone. And, if you happen to own any larimar jewelry, you already know what an eye-catching piece it is.

Larimar, often called the Carribean gemstone, is a remarkable unique stone that resembles the blue color of the famed Carribean sea. It stands out from other gems and is easily recognizable.

If you are contemplating buying larimar stone jewelry, but you do not know exactly what it is. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about larimar.

About Larimar: What is it?

Larimar is made from a rare pectolite that is only found in the Dominican Republic of the Caribbean, making it the rarest yet unique gemstone to find.

Larimar is obtained from a mine in the Caribbean known as Los Checheses. Larimar is considered a relic in the Dominican Republic because of its extreme rarity.


Larimar jewelry

Larimar Meaning and Symbolism

Larmar is a blue gem of rare beauty whose name is derived from two words, Lari and Mar. Name Lari comes from Larissa, the daughter of Miguel Mendez, who rediscovered the stone in 1974. Mar denotes the sea, which ultimately signifies the waters of the Caribbean where the stone is found. 

This name evokes the majestic beauty of the calm Caribbean waters, lit by the sunshine.

Water stone represents the serene power of water and sky; as the stone of tranquility, it calms the fears and soothes the mind, body, and soul. It heals physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Furthermore, it stimulates the crown chakra and facilitates the manifestation of inner wisdom. Around the world, larimar pendants and rings are worn to symbolize healing.

History of Larimar Gemstone

Now, when talking of the first discovery of this stone, this was originally discovered more than 100 years ago in 1916 by Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren of the Barahona Parish. But unfortunately, due to insufficient sources, this plan was rejected by the Dominican Republic officials.

Then after a few years in 1974, the stone was again rediscovered, but this time by Miguel Méndez and volunteer Norman Rilling near the beach of the Bahoruko mountain ranges. As soon as he found the stone, he kept its name after her daughter Larissa and the sea.

This was the history behind the Larimar, the year when it was found and how it got its name.

Evaluating Larimar’s Color

In case some of you are unaware, Larimar is not just a bluestone. Interestingly, it is a turquoise-colored stone with white flecks resembling sunlight over Caribbean waters. Additionally, it is available in white, green-blue, and deep blue.

Larimar of this deep blue color is extremely rare, so they are priced higher. However, they are also considered more valuable than other Larimars. Unlike the whitish Larimar, which is less valuable.

Larimar Gemstone Clarity

Larimar symbolizes the serenity of water, which is why its usual texture is smooth and serene. Transparent to translucent, the clarity varies. Larimar stone jewelry has a sleek, silky texture that brings calm and balance to the wearer.


Larimar gemstone jewelry

Characteristics of Larimar

A few of Larimar's characteristics make it a powerful healer.

1. Among the top characteristics of larimar is that it calms down both the body and mind.

2. Man is induced into a meditative state by it.

3. This dissolves self-sabotage.

4. It helps to bring clarity to thoughts and feelings.

5. Helps relieve postpartum depression.

6. This gives you the confidence and courage to express yourself.

7. By stimulating the third eye chakra, attached infinities are released.

So, in short, the Larimar jewelry will help relieve your pain, reduce your fears, and facilitate your connection to your higher self.

Larimar Durability and Care

Larimar is known to be a soft, brittle gemstone. Keep in mind the following things:

1. Chemicals, such as perfume, hand cream, and hand soap, should never be used on Larimar.

2. In the evening, you should be the first to remove this beautiful gemstone jewelry.

3. Larimar jewelry should be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth and a few drops of mild soap after every use. Make sure not to brush it too hard.

4. Larimar jewelry made of sterling silver tends to tarnish, so make sure the jewelry is kept in a dry place.

5. You should avoid water-related activities while wearing this beautiful jewelry, especially when swimming. But, unfortunately, it tarnishes the silver setting and degrades the stone's quality.

6. While you're washing the dishes, make sure you don't wear a larimar stone ring as it may damage the bezel, which protects the stone.

    How to store after use?

    Larimar jewelry must be properly cared for so that it lasts a long time.

    The biggest mistake jewelry wearers make when caring for larimar gemstones is storing them in the wrong place. Leaving larimar necklaces and pendants exposed to the elements can cause these to tarnish, get scratched, and disintegrate over time.

    You should store your larimar necklace separately because they are easy to get scratched. Moreover, put gentle pressure on the box you are storing and use a cloth to avoid rubbing.

    It is important to store your larimar rings in an airtight container to maintain their shine.

    Larimar rings

    Where to Buy Larimar Jewelry

    There are very few larimar jewelry suppliers online selling these stones, so if you plan to buy larimar jewelry in a local market, you will be disappointed since these stones are very rare.

    In addition, you should be careful about sellers who sell fake larimar jewelry under the guise of genuine items. Instead, find a reputable gemstone jewelry store that sells genuine larimar jewelry.

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