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A Complete Guide To Rose Quartz Gemstone Jewelry

Rose quartz, a beautiful heart crystal carrying good vibes, is known as the crystal of abundance and love!

Having a dusky, light, reddish-pink appearance, rose quartz crystal is as stunning as its name!

Like rocks and gemstones, rose quartz is a natural mineral that contains minerals like iron, titanium, and manganese, plus it has healing properties for the mind, body, and spirit.

Rose Quartz shimmers with a blushing color that captures the heart of everyone who sees it. Soft and feminine, this crystal radiates pure love.

So drenched in harmony, so potent with healing properties, and so tender that you will always want Rose Quartz at hand, or at least in a place where you can examine it often.

History of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz derived its name from its pretty pink hues and the Greek word halos, which means glass.

Historically, the gemstone has been used to craft jewelry and other art objects for several years.

Around 800-600 BC, the Assyrians and Romans were the first to encounter rose quartz rock. So isn't it amazing that ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians strongly believed that these gemstones possess magical properties?

Did you know that the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians believed that this stone had magical powers? The people, therefore, used the stone as a protective talisman. Egyptians used this stone to prevent aging. 

To signify ownership, the Romans used it as a seal. Medical practitioners used the stone to formulate healing potions during the middle ages. Legends indicate that the stone can bring love and heal anger.

Rose Quartz as a Mystical Stone

Rose quartz has long been regarded as having magical properties. The stone was not only used to protect against evil as a talisman but as well hailed as the protector of the wearer. Moreover, it had been used as a physical body cleanser while acting as an antidote to poison. 

It was believed to have a calming effect on the wearer, offering him a goodnight's sleep while driving away the nightmares. Being a tranquilizer, the crystal is used to help a person come out of traumatic and painful situations. 

Rose Quartz has always been associated with feminine energy and is entrusted to carry emotions, passion, tenderness, and nurturing qualities. 

Rose quartz jewelry

Types of Rose Quartz

Notably, rose quartz lacks crystal faces or crystals. Due to its crystalline form, which consists of several intergrown crystal sub-individuals, it is a non cryptocrystalline crystal.

It's interesting to note a rare variety of pink quartz found in nature. It differs quite a bit from rose quartz, which is abundant. It is known for forming crystals. Crystals are prone to fading when exposed to light. 

Originally, pink quartz crystals are discovered near Rumford, USA, and Minas Gerais, Brazil. Another variety of rose quartz is star rose quartz.

Birthstones and Anniversary Stones

A rose quartz jewelry is considered the January birthstone. The gemstone is related to a couple’s second and fifth wedding anniversaries. In simple words, it is a sign of peace or love. 

Gifting this rose quartz gemstone 925 sterling silver jewelry to a loved one is believed to increase connection, strengthen love, and reduce anger. 

Real Rose Quartz vs. Fake Rose Quartz

Jewelry made with this gemstone is popular for emotional healing or as a healing stone. Some sellers, however, mislead buyers by selling the fake Rose Quartz gemstone for the same price as the original.

To prevent being conned when purchasing rose quartz, you need to learn how to spot a real rose quartz crystal from a fake one.

Authentic rose quartz rarely exhibits good transparency. They are so hard that they can easily scratch steel files. Another point to keep in mind to determining the original rose quartz gemstone is that if you are testing crystalline rose quartz, its color may fade when it comes in contact with the light.

Moreover, as this variety is rare, you may not find it in most jewelers' shops. It is common for shop owners to sell colored glass instead of quartz to mislead buyers. 

In this situation, you should look for bubbles in the stone. If you detect bubbles in the stone, it cannot be a genuine rose quartz crystal.

How to Buy Rose Quartz Jewelry?

The pink hues and soft translucence of this gemstone appeal to those who love gems and jewelry. White gold or rose gold increases its pink hue, making it even more appealing. 

These semi-precious stones can be worn in bracelets, pendants, rings, necklaces, and earrings. Here are some factors to consider when buying rose quartz jewelry:


The rose quartz's delicate pink color is one of its most attractive features. There are many shades of pink to choose from, varying from very pale hues to medium-deep hues. Generally, the stone is uniformly colored. The color determines the actual price of the particular gemstone.

Rose quartz jewelry


The gemstone is typically cloudy in appearance. The gemstone usually isn't transparent, so its clarity isn't very good. As the stone's clarity and inclusions improve, so does its quality.


The cloudy appearance of this gemstone makes it a popular choice for tumbled stones. When rose quartz is cut as a cabochon, it often displays asterism (star-like effect). The price of an asterism piece of rose quartz is generally higher than a regular rose quartz piece.

Frequently, gemstone rocks are cut and shaped into cabochons to create pendants, earrings, rings, and other trinkets.


A rose quartz's value can be better gauged by its size than its weight. This is because stones may differ in density. Take into account the color, clarity, and style of polished rose quartz jewelry to determine whether or not it is worth the price. 

Rose quartz is available in various sizes so the price may vary depending on the piece. Gemstones with a larger surface area have a more intense color and are more expensive.

How to Look After Your Rose Quartz Jewelry?

Here are a couple of tips to keep your jewelry looking good:

Rose quartz can be scratched by hard stones such as diamonds and topaz despite its toughness. Keep your rose quartz jewelry in a fabric-lined box to lower the risk of such damage when not in use.

To clean rose quartz, use a warm, soapy solution. When it comes to cleaning this gemstone, ultrasonic cleaners and steamers are not recommended.

The rose quartz necklace, bangle, earrings, or ring made from gold or sterling silver can be cleaned by dipping them in a cleaning solution without damaging the gemstone. When wiping off jewelry, use a soft cloth.

There is something beautiful and quaint about rose quartz, which can add a splash of color to your persona and clothing. 

Following these tips will assist you in purchasing rose quartz jewelry intelligently and maintaining it effectively.

rose quartz earrings

Where to buy Rose Quartz Gemstone Jewelry 

When it comes to opening up your heart in a healthy way, Rose Quartz is ideal because it keeps you both open and safe at the same time. As well as teaching compassion, the crystal can help you learn how to be kind to yourself and the harmony you can achieve through healing.

Are you also carried away by the fascinating properties of this gemstone jewelry? 

Yo Treasure offers an assortment of this adorable gemstone jewelry and sterling silver rose quartz rings that are perfect for every occasion.


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