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A Gemstone Collection That Highlights Luxury and Design

Unveiling the epitome of luxury and fine jewelry!!

Check out our latest high-end jewelry collection inspired by life, sophistication, and beauty. Each jewelry piece is topped with the brightest and most scintillating colored gemstones, further emphasizing the collection's design-centric elements.

Among the shimmering, glamorous world of premium jewelry, design reigns supreme. We’re offering innovative new designs alongside fresh takes on classic favorites inspired by vivid colors, experiences, and nature.

If you're always on the lookout for the latest fashion and jewelry trends at Paris Couture Week, these exquisite, innovative, and inevitably magnificent jewels are for you!!

Without much ado, let's meet the hottest luxury jewelry collection of this year & we promise they're worth the scroll!!

The Ultimate Engagement Rings: Stunners & Head-Turners

We replicate the delicacy of deep romantic emotions with our engagement ring collection, combining precision and airy designs that highlight the radiance of precious stones. The deep colors of garnets, tanzanite, amethyst, Sapphire and london blue topaz have long been associated with intense emotions, making them one of the most romantic gifts equated with promises of love

We're not talking about dainty or delicate rings here; these are for those who want to make a statement!! 


Sapphire Engagement Rings


The Iconic Cocktail Rings: Precious & Exquisite

Through a variety of creations combining ethics and aesthetics, our cocktail rings collection echoes floral patterns, scrolls, swirls, and scalloped edges.

With its graceful charm and dazzling colors, the luxe collection is a dream ballet of tanzanite, larimar, and london blue topaz gemstones. As a great couturier would design costumes, Yo Treasure has created this fine jewelry. Sculpted with fine detail and set with luminous gems, our cocktail rings are works of creativity and emotion.

The Incredible Chunky Rings: Timeless & Gorgeous

Yo Treasure's chunky rings collection is delicate and precious, filled with light and exemplifies the purest traditions of luxury jewelry, and demonstrates Yo Treasure's stature as an industry leader. Symbolizing peace and love, this collection includes precious stones such as turquoise, swiss blue topaz, moonstone, and london blue topaz. With their timeless designs, their shimmer can compete with the glitteriest stars.  

Green Fluorite luxe Gemstone Ring


The Bold Stackable Rings: Beautiful & Dream-Like

This collection features a mesmerizing amalgam of green, blue, yellow, and pink sapphires interspersed with 14kt gold. Celebrating the colors of nature, the rings breathe life into lush botanicals through multi-colored sapphires. With a curated palette of multi-sapphires encompassing a full spectrum of colors and high jewelry designs that highlight exceptional and bespoke cuts, the collection's prismatic spirit is brought to life. Stylish and versatile, you can wear them with any outfit.

The Majestic Pendants: Magical & Scintillating

Featuring an ingenious and innovative secret setting, these majestic pendants are illuminated with exquisitely colored gemstones, including moonstone, blue and purple turquoise, and green onyx pendant, playing with light like never before. Our artisans have re-imagined one of jewelry's noblest and most enduring classics in this dynamic re-imagination, unlocking the intense light and luster at the heart of a gemstone. It is a fascinating exploration of light in all of its facets. 

The new collection marks Yo Treasure's journey to free gemstones, to define a new expression of luxury jewelry that captures and reflects contemporary femininity, aspirations, and attitudes of women today.


Green Onyx Pendant Luxe Jewelry


The Elegant Cluster Rings: Bold & Stylish

Classical in design as well as color composition, the collection features rhodolite, aquamarine, pink sapphire, green amethyst, moonstone, and tanzanite. Decorative clusters feature single large stones surrounded by unusually large stones, giving a modern edge to the classic design. Developed painstakingly by our master artisans, the cluster of these luxury jewels has been underpinned by a new and groundbreaking structure to create the dramatic light show they produce. 


Larimar & London Blue Topaz luxe Jewelry


Luxe Collection: Symphony of Style & Design!!

As nimble-fingered seamstresses in Haute Couture put it, Yo Treasure has crafted this collection with passion, a commitment to comfort, and the desire to make women feel beautiful and confident.

Featuring delicate, lustrous gemstones and finely wrought craftsmanship, the collection combines creativity and emotion.

Let's get one of these now before they are all gone so you can flaunt them wherever you go.

Having second thoughts?? Now is the perfect time to browse our website and pick out your favorite pieces of Luxe jewelry.


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