Balance Your Crown Chakra with These Crystal Gems | A Listicle

Unlocking Your Spiritual Potential: The Power of Crown Chakra Crystals

The seven wheels of energy available in our body are known as chakras, and the Crown Chakra or Sahasrara Chakra is the one that is situated in our head. This particular chakra is responsible for activating the divine energy in our body. As the Sahasrara Chakra is responsible for our body's spiritual and mental connection, we can activate it with the help of crystals for Crown Chakra. This article will discuss all the best crystals you can use to activate your Crown Chakra and establish a strong connection with your mental and spiritual self.

Best Healing Crystals For Crown Chakra

For anyone willing to open up their Crown Chakra and feel the spiritual vibe, crystals for Crown Chakra would be the best option for them. These crystals are already filled with spiritual essence and cosmic energy. Many of these crystals have purple and white as their primary colors and are filled with eldritch qualities. Let us have a look at these best crystals for Crown Chakra:

Selenite: One of the purest crystals for Crown Chakra on Earth is Selenite. The original color of Selenite is snow-white or peach, and it is mainly used for healing. If you want to come closer to your spiritual self, this crystal will benefit you. The qualities of honesty, sincerity, and good energy permeate through Selenite.

Using this crystal lets you live a better and purpose-driven life and increase your wisdom. Selenite can help you envision further than the present moment and the horizon. You can even communicate with spirit guides and get access to the angelic world thanks to the abilities of Selentine to tune in to higher frequencies.

Amethyst: One of the best crystals for Crown Chakra is Amethyst, considered the most tranquil of all the existing crystals. This particular crystal is spiritually charged, and the purple color embedded in this crystal makes it perfect for the Crown Chakra. 

You can connect your spirit with divine energy by using amethyst crystals in the form of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Moreover, you will also be able to remove all kinds of tension, stress, etc., from your life and feel spiritually charged. Amethyst crystal also helps activate your third eye chakra, enabling you to connect with your wisdom and insights. The crystal removes negative vibes, increases your frequency, and makes you feel linked with your consciousness.

Moonstone: Moonstone is considered one of the best crystals for multiple chakras, including the third eye and heart chakra. If you want to grow your spiritual health steadily, then there is no better crystal than Moonstone. Some people also utilize the benefits of Moonstone to heal their spirits. Having Moonstone with yourself will always keep you reminiscing that you are part of this universe. Furthermore, it will help you embrace the changes in your life and assist in accepting the gift sent to you by the universe.

Clear Quartz: A stone that sparkles with ice-bright purity can be one of the best crystals for Crown Chakra and healing. Besides functioning as a booster for the Crown Chakra, Clear Quartz also functions as a healer for our spiritual self. If any of your chakra (especially the Crown Chakra) is blocked, then ornaments made out of Clear Quartz crystal will clear out the blockage and ensure a sublime flow of spiritual energy.

You will gain an open heart and mind by wearing Clear Quartz jewelry. It enables the energy to flow into the crown, reawakening latent aspirations and ambitions and giving your entire being a sense of direction and strength.

Fluorite: A major advantage of using Fluorite as your main crystal for the Crown Chakra is that you can significantly boost your precision and concentration over different things. If you are surrounded by ambiguity and negative energy, the Fluorite crystal will help you clear your path and guide you out of the obscurity you face.

How Do You Utilize the Crystals for Crown Chakra?

Crystals for Crown Chakra come with multiple benefits, such as lighting up your life, giving you access to the angelic realm, clearing your mind and heart, and creating harmony between them. If you want to know how you can utilize the crystals for the Crown Chakra, here is how you can do it:

  • You can install the stones in a bracelet and wear them during meditation.
  • If you love wearing necklaces, using a necklace made out of crystals for Crown Chakra will help you keep the stones by your side (even when sleeping).
  • If you want to gift a Crown Chakra stone to your loved one, you can purchase a ring made of amethyst, Moonstone, selenite, etc., and use them as a present.

What is the Actual Use of Crown Chakra?

You can wear the Fluorite crystal as a ring or bracelet during your meditation. It will help you unlock the door that was previously closed due to the insufficiency of positive energy. If you want to dig deeper into your consciousness, you can use a dark purple shade of Fluorite to boost your Crown Chakra.

Activating Crown Chakra can help you transform yourself and establish a divine connection. This chakra on your head helps you link your spiritual self and the positiveness of divine energy. You will be able to become aware of the fact that you are a spirit living in a body.


Suppose you look forward to leading a spiritually blissful life by opening up your Crown Chakra and connecting with the universe. In that case, you must use the crystals mentioned above for Crown Chakra. These crystals will not only help you boost your spiritual energy, but at the same time, they can remove any kind of blockage associated with your Crown Chakra. By successfully unlocking your Crown Chakra, your life will be filled with light, and you will be able to broaden your perspective and overcome obstacles.


Q: What strengthens the Crown Chakra?

There are various ways to boost your Crown Chakra. For example, you can wear crystals for Crown Chakra to remove the blockage of your Crown Chakra, or you can also use meditation and yoga.

Q: Is amethyst used for the Crown Chakra?

Yes, amethyst is one of the best crystals for the Crown Chakra. You can wear this stone as a necklace, ring, or bracelet to unclog your Crown Chakra and increase your connection with your spiritual self.

Q: What color is a Crown Chakra?

The color associated with the Crown Chakra is white and purple, which is why most of the crystals that help you activate your chakra are of white and purple color.


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