Blue Moonstone Unveiled: Meaning and Intriguing Properties

Amp up Your Jewelry Collection with the Perfect Blue Moonstone Pieces

Do you want your jewels to have a more heavenly appeal? Our collection of jewelry featuring Blue Moonstones is sure to please. Moonstone's long history of connection with women, intuition, and the healing arts has earned it widespread adulation. Our Blue Moonstone jewelry collection includes a wide array of necklace styles, clip-on earrings, bracelets, and pendants. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted with the utmost precision and care to ensure that you receive nothing but the best. Enhance your appearance with our refined offerings and tap into the mystical power of Moonstone.

Introduction to Blue Moonstone 

When observed from certain perspectives, Blue Moonstone, which is a variation of the crystal feldspar, displays a distinctive adularescence that can be described as a distinctive blue shine. The watery blue color of this gemstone can range from translucent to transparent, and it has a slight movement of light, all of which contribute to its desirability as a gemstone for use in jewelry.

Why You Should Wear Blue Moonstone?

Blue Moonstone is a common gemstone for jewelry due to the widespread belief that it possesses healing powers. 

  • The third eye and head chakras are said to be stimulated by Blue Moonstones, which may increase one's intuitive abilities and inspiration.
  • In addition to its physical benefits, this stone is also thought to have a calming effect on the mind and spirit by reducing tension, anxiety, and other bad states of mind.
  • Helps you communicate with your greater self and the deity 
  • Blue Moonstone is a stone that has long been connected with spiritual development and awareness.

How to Style Blue Moonstone?

A Blue Moonstone can be worn in a variety of ways to complement your sense of style.  For a refined splash of color and shimmer, try a Blue Moonstone necklace on a delicate chain or a set of matching diamond earrings. Blue Moonstone's otherworldly allure makes it an ideal accessory for free-spirited, festival-chic styles. Pair earthy, raw materials like leather or timber with a Blue Moonstone accent band or braided bracelet.

How to Take Care of Blue Moonstone?

If you want to keep your Blue Moonstone sparkling like new, you need to be careful with it. Use a gentle, moist towel frequently to clean your Blue Moonstone jewelry. Harsh solvents and rough materials should be avoided, as they can damage the stone's surface. Blue Moonstone jewelry should be checked over by a goldsmith once a year to make sure it is in pristine shape and free of harm or wear.


Q: Is Blue Moonstone suitable for use in prayer and meditation?

Yes, the Blue Moonstone is frequently used in spiritual activities due to its reputed magical and meditative qualities. 

Q: Are Blue Moonstones available in Blue hue only?

Actually, Blue Moonstone comes in a wide variety of hues, including pink, gray, white, and even green. 

Q: Can you use Blue Moonstone for natural medicine?

It's true that some proponents of alternative medicine think that Blue Moonstone has curative qualities that can be used to treat both bodily and mental ailments.


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