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How to Charge Your Crystals With the Energy of the Full Moon?

Harness the Power of a Full Moon to Cleanse Your Magical Crystals

Full moons are the most powerful of all lunar phases, and you can use their purifying energy to your advantage.

Full moon rituals allow us to take a deep breath, release what no longer serves us, let go of negative energies, and absorb only healing, positive energy at this time of year.

Crystals have been used for centuries to enhance emotional and spiritual balance by storing energy from the surrounding environment.  To purify crystal energies and enhance their effectiveness, selenite crystal charging bowls are most effective when used during the full moon to recharge crystals.

Start the new year off right with our full-moon crystal cleansing ritual guide!

Clearing Out the Energies 

When we recommend you cleanse your crystal, it isn’t just cleaning it physically. It means clearing out the energies associated with those crystals. There are several other ways to charge and cleanse your crystals on other days, like smoke, water, earth, and intention. But the full moon is considered a traditionally powerful way to clear out the old energies and recharge the stone to be used in some new work. 

 Selenite crystal charging bowls

How To Use a Full Moon To Charge Your Crystals?

The full moon is the best time to let your crystals charge, cleanse off any unwanted energies, and recharge them to be used again in healing practices. In a couple of weeks, we will be experiencing a full moon which is a great time to cleanse your crystals. 

The only thing you need to do to cleanse and charge your crystals is to lay them out in the moonlight in one place without stacking them up. In most cases, placing the crystals separately on a natural surface, such as the ground or the earth, is recommended. But most people who live in apartments cannot do this, so you guys can place your crystals on your window sill; that will work too. 

Now place the crystals in your desired place and leave them there overnight. If the moonlight isn’t falling on your crystals, there’s no need to worry; they will cleanse and charge themselves with the moonlight’s energy. 

We also recommend checking the weather forecast and knowing whether it is going to rain or not because some of the crystals are sensitive to water. The crystals can get damaged in the rain. Similarly, collect your gemstones before the sun gets too harsh because some gemstones, such as amethyst, are sensitive to the sun, and the sunlight can damage them. 

How Often There is a Full Moon?

A Full moon generally occurs once a month. But in some special months, a full moon may occur at the very beginning of the month, and the second may occur at the end of the month. Of course, it is easy to find out the full moon's date by looking on Google. However, to make it easy for you, we're revealing that November 8, 2022, is the next full moon.

Once you find out about the upcoming full moon, you can set a reminder so that you can remember that day to put your crystals out in the moonlight. 

Selenite crystal charging bowl

Where To Place Your Crystals On?

Don’t even think of placing your crystals carelessly on anything. After the crystals are placed in a crystal charging bowl, that bowl should be put in the moonlight. You can buy a selenite crystal charging bowl. These are available in white and orange colors and come in various shapes, such as the moon, heart, and circular shapes. 

Having learned how to charge your crystals correctly, all you have to do is use them to bring your dreams to life.

Look no further if you're looking for a selenite bowl of the highest quality for your full-moon charging ritual; Yo Treasure has it all. 

We have a range of different shapes and colors of crystal charging bowls from which you can choose your favorite shape and colors.

Could you tell us what works best for you when it comes to full moon rituals?