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Citrine Gemstone Jewelry: A Definitive Guide

A citrine guide… But where to begin? 

Okay! A little example of its beauty is that you might have come across many citrine enthusiasts telling you how they were simply walking past a storefront when this glimmering gem called them in. 

So are you and citrine also meant to be together? To know that, stick around and read this to get the answer.

Know More About Citrine Gemstones

A regular quartz-derived stone, citrine is pale yellow or brown in color. Both have the same transparency and crystalline formation. 

It showcases unique tones and colors, and there are no two pieces that ever look the same.

Citrine crystals are believed to be used for energetic, metaphysical, and physical healing purposes. They are as well used for aesthetic purposes, such as in jewelry. We will dive deeper into this, so stay around.

citrine gemstone jewelry

Citrine Formation

A citrine crystal has an important difference to be appreciated. It can be divided into two categories, i.e. Natural and synthetic. 

Heat is applied to some crystals above ground, to the point that their appearance is dramatically altered by the high temperatures.

However, there are instances where this heat therapy happens naturally under the Earth due to fluctuating elements and minerals. 

Treating amethyst or smokey quartz with extreme heat levels is one way of producing citrine. 

Are Citrine and Yellow Quartz the Same?

Looking at a citrine and quartz at the very first will give you the illusion that they both are the same. But if you examine these crystals deeply, you can conclude that they are different.

Citrine, a warm brownish-yellow stone, is a naturally occurring crystal, whereas lemon quarts are heat-treated and irradiated Quartz crystals.

Citrine Gemstone's Benefits

Possibly the most prominent of the citrine benefits is that it is one of the few stones that have the capability to work with anyone and everyone. 

It is believed to shove negativity from your mind. Citrine provides you with psychic growth with enhanced clarity and self-confidence. 

Wear Gleaming Citrine Jewelry Your Way

If you want to reap the benefits of the citrine crystal, make use of it in aesthetic form, i.e., in jewelry. You can wear it in citrine earrings, stud earrings, sterling silver citrine rings, and in some other jewel types daily. 

Apart from its benefits, you can add a style statement to your appearance by wearing citrine jewelry. It will complement your look every time you wear it.

Citrine jewelry

Citrine Jewelry As A Gifting Option

After getting familiar with this crystal, you might know that buying citrine gemstone is not typical. But, also, due to its mesmerizing beauty, it is an appropriate gift choice. You can gift them on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or any pleasant occasion. 

So, go ahead and gift this unique jewel to your loved ones or indulge in self-love and buy it for yourself. It will surely complement your elegant styling. 

Where To Buy Citrine Jewelry?

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