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Exploring The Hidden Beauty of October Birthstones

Happy Birthday Month, October, Babies! It's your special month and almost the end of the year. 

We are still trying to figure out how time flies so fast. But for you guys, it was quite a long wait, and we understand waiting for your presents is a heck of a tiring task. But here we are with our full preparation. 

But these mesmerizing October gemstones have been tucked away for a while!!

If you're looking for the gemstone you should wear this month, check out Opal and Tourmaline. Having a beautiful rainbow color and endless color combinations, these gemstones are some of the hottest jewelry on the market. 

And who does not want to be the talk of the town and be in the spotlight? Everyone wants it.

Today, this blog is purely dedicated to the hidden beauty of the October gemstones. Take a moment and fall in love with these beautiful gems!

Opal Gemstone

Opal is a diverse rock that comes in different appearances depending on how they were formed. Gemstones of this type are known for their vibrant, iridescent colors and gorgeous jewelry pieces. But the opals with less dazzle or shine also possess the subtle beauty which makes a great collection. 

Opal Gemstone is a soft stone that changes appearance easily when heated or pressured. The amount of water varying in Opal determines its appearance. As the water evaporates from the opal, the stone tends to look slightly smaller in size, and the evaporation stress creates a beautiful crack in the stone. 

Opal Gemstone- YoTreasure

Opal Gemstone Colors

A multicolored gemstone like this entices everyone into making it part of their jewelry collection. The varied shades of colors, such as gray, white, blue, brown, and black, give these stones a distinctive look. 

Furthermore, this gem exhibits prismatic play and interaction, which translates to a play of colors. Opals, both precious and common, have this element at their core. A stone with the play of colors is the precious opal, and a stone with very little or no play of color is a common opal. 

Opal Healing Properties

The opal gem offers several benefits, but here are a few of the most prominent:

1) By converting negative thoughts into positive ones, opal promotes a sense of calm.

2) Boosts focus, gives happy dreams, and shields the person from absorbing negative energies.

3) Provides the person with the cloak of invisibility that helps save them from the worst situations they won't have to face.

4) A great stone for women, it is also helpful when it comes to conceiving and alleviating labor pains.

5) Helps you to let go of fear and resentment, promoting self-control which leads you to inner enlightenment.

      Opal Jewelry

      Opal is a perfect composition of immense beauty and great energies. Invest in one of these stones to have a blend of these in your life, preferably in jewelry form because of its beauty and also because it complements your pretty dresses nicely.

      There are so many options available you can go with any of them. You can go for Opal earrings, rings, bracelets, dangles, pendants, or necklaces, any piece you want. Also, this jewelry is a timeless trend, so you can wear them whenever and wherever you want. They add a style statement to your whole outfit. 

      Tourmaline Gemstone

      Tourmaline gemstone is another beautiful stone with multiple colors for October month. In the late 1800s, a Chinese empress named Dowager Tzu-Hsi loved the pink tourmaline, and she was so obsessed with them that she bought the entire production from the mines of California. When she died, she was given a pink tourmaline pillow to lie on and rest on. And the remaining of her treasure was later on used to make carvings. 

      Its name comes from the Sinhalese word “tourmalli,” meaning “a stone with mixed colors.” Its owners know how appropriately this name applies to the gem. This gemstone often comes in a dazzling array of beautiful colors. 

      Tourmaline Gemstone-YoTreasure

      Tourmaline Gemstone Colors

      Tourmaline possesses a long list of colors, but our adorable ladies' most popular colors are pink, red, green, neon green, and blue-to-violet. Due to their vast range of colors, these gemstones are sometimes mistaken for others. Sometimes the red tourmaline is mistaken for ruby, or the green one is assumed as an emerald. 

      We have a list of names given to the different colors of tourmaline, and out of them, some are actual trade names, and some are just for marketing purposes. Those names are:

      1) Chrome Tourmaline: for green-colored tourmaline

      2) Rubellite Tourmaline: for red-colored tourmaline.

      3) Pink Tourmaline: for very specific pink-colored tourmaline.

      4) Paraiba Tourmaline: for voiletish blue to green blue-colored tourmaline.

      5) Savannah Tourmaline: for gorgeous bright yellow-colored tourmaline.

      6) Watermelon Tourmaline: for a beautiful pink in the middle and green on the sides of the tourmaline.

      7) Parti-colored Tourmaline: for displaying more than one color in tourmaline. 

      Tourmaline Gemstone Healing Properties

      Tourmaline is believed to hold a long list of healing properties that can benefit its wearer. The following are the major benefits it can manifest in your life: 

      1) It is an excellent stone for balancing and energizing the chakras.

      2) It helps you to understand yourself and others in a better way and boosts your confidence.

      3) It helps remove fear from your life.

      4) It helps in balancing the yin and yang within your body.

      5) It is proven to be great for spinal adjustments.

      6) Many people also like it because it releases stress and tension from the body.

      Tourmaline Jewelry

      Tourmaline is one of the most preferred stones among jewelry designers due to the vast variety of color choices available. Also, this stone is believed to be durable and not harsh on your pocket. There is something pretty about this gem that can be paired with any type of jewelry and still looks good.

      You can go for tourmaline earrings, rings, dangles, or other exciting jewelry pieces. They add class and grace to your outfit with their magical beauty. You can wear them anywhere, be it your office, home, or special occasion. These gemstones also make an ideal option for gifts on anniversaries or birthdays. 

      Wrapping it up!!

      Hope we were able to help you uncover the hidden beauty of these gorgeous stones! 

      But now you might be wondering where to buy these gorgeous babies; well, worry no more; Yo Treasure allows you to buy the most authentic gemstone jewelry made with love and dedication. 

      We have an extensive range of opal and tourmaline jewelry collections readily available for you. You just need to name the gemstone, and we will provide it. Come to our webstore to discover our authentic collection. 

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      Happy Shopping!


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