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Guide To Buy The Best Gold Plated Jewelry

It would be impossible to complete any fashion look without jewelry. Jewelry has traditionally been associated with luxury and royalty.

People have been using gold jewelry since the dawn of civilization. Having a bright appearance and creating a luster made it appealing to everyone to wear it. Even if they love gold's appearance and feel, many women cannot afford all the gold jewelry they want because of budget constraints. 

The solution for them is gold plated jewelry. Keeping gold-plated trinkets gleaming requires proper care, so they last a long time.

Would gold-plated rings, chains, necklaces or other jewelry pique your interest? 

We've got your back. Here is a guide to gold-plated jewelry that will help you out.

Its origin and meaning

Luigi Brugnatelli, an Italian chemist, developed gold plating by plating a thin layer of gold on silver in 1805. An example of gold plating would be the combination of thin layers of gold to base metals.

Gold plated jewelry

Don’t confuse gold-plated with gold toned jewelry

Gold-plated jewelry is often mistaken for gold-toned jewelry. They are two different metals. A gold-plated piece of jewelry has a very thin but genuine gold coating containing only 20 millionths of an inch thick. Conversely, gold-toned implies an absence of gold content, as it is only the color of gold.

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Different types of gold plated jewelry

There are different types of gold plated jewelry, which are as follows:

1. Flash Plated Jewelry

2. Gold plated jewelry

3. Gold-filled jewelry

4. Gold Vermeil Jewelry

5. Solid gold Jewelry

What to Know Before Buying Gold Plated Jewelry?

The cost of gold-plated jewellery may be affordable, but it is not cheap. Check the pieces before investing your money in them for any cuts, sharp edges, or wire coming out of them, since if the silver is not plated by gold properly, it will rust and lose its value. Additionally, verify if the design fits with the plating process.

Considerations When Buying Gold Plated Jewelry

Getting the perfect piece of jewelry before the wedding season can be quite a challenge. The tasks become even more challenging when you are unaware of what to look for in jewelry pieces, but once you know what kind of jewelry you need, it is not a hectic task any more.

Important Pointers

When it comes to choosing gold-plated jewelry pieces be it a gold chain necklace, a ring, or any other jewelry items, you need to keep a few things in mind.

The purity of the gold layer

In the case of gold-plated ornaments, more pure gold can be used, such as 24K, which can ensure that the item will last a long time.

The thickness of the gold

Vermeil is another name for gold plating. This method is the most durable and expensive when used on brass or silver. Plated ornaments' durability is entirely determined by the type of coloring applied to them.

Gold plated necklace

Are extra gold layers possible after the re-plate is done? It is essential to determine whether a layer acts as a barrier between the base metal and the gold in the jewelry.

A base metal that is plated with gold

Many times, copper is used as a base metal, but some higher-end jewelry brands use sterling silver. While gold-plated silver may be pricier, it is still worthwhile.

How to maintain your gold-plated jewelry?

Gold-plated jewelry can tarnish over time, you can still keep it looking its best by taking extra care. Refer to the tips below:

1. Keeping your gold-plated jewelry away from chemicals such as oil and make-up is a good idea. It is best to wear gold-plated jewelry after using beauty products on yourself, such as makeup, hairspray, and perfume.

2. During household chores, it is strongly recommended that you do not wear your gold-plated jewelry. Gold plating may flake off or fade when exposed to detergents or soaps.

3. When swimming in pools or salt water, do not wear gold-plated jewelry. It can be damaged by salt and chlorine.

4. If you are sweating, do not wear gold-plated jewelry because the body oils and sweat may affect the plating. Getting rid of these pollutants requires frequent cleaning.

After-Use Care for Gold Plated Jewelry

After wearing your jewelry, wipe it with a soft satin cloth or a cotton ball (be sure not to allow the fibres of cotton to stick to the jewelry) before storing it. Ziplock bags or airtight containers should be used to store the pieces.

Gold plated rings

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