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How To Take Care of Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold!! Something about it makes you feel good. Wearing it makes you feel special and gives the impression that you're wearing something special.

However, not everyone can afford to purchase gold jewelry. That is why gold plated jewelry makes a great alternative to real gold jewelry. 

Nowadays, even 10K gold can be pretty pricey, but no gold lover should deny their lust for gold! Definitely not! The plating can make gold-plated rings look almost as pretty as real gold rings. 

As this jewelry is covered in a gold layer, special care is required compared to pure silver or real gold pieces. It is important to be aware that the plating might wear off over time, particularly if it isn't taken care of.

Many articles on the web address how to clean gold-plated jewelry effectively, but not all of them work. In this article, we are providing you with some tips and tricks that will surely work and make sure that your gold-plated jewelry does not tarnish and always looks like real gold.

To get started, let's ask the most fundamental question!

What should the gold plating thickness be?

An application of gold plating can be as thin as .17 microns or as thick as 2.5 microns.

If the plating is .17 or thicker, it is called gold electroplated or gold washed/flashed.  A very thin layer of gold (about 0.05%) is used on pendants and earrings that are not exposed to daily wear. Plating of this thickness degrades very quickly.

A gold plating should have a thickness of .5 to 1.0 microns. Despite this layer sounding thin, it is enough to protect jewelry like rings and bracelets against rough handling.

A gold layer that is approximately 2.5 microns thick is considered heavy gold plating. Nonetheless, gold plating with this thickness is still very thin but  the main benefit of a thicker coating is that it will last longer.

Gold plated rings

How Often to Clean Gold-Plated Jewelry

If you want to keep your gold-plated jewelry like a gold plated necklace looking nice and shiny, wipe it down after every wear with a damp cotton ball or microfiber cloth. If the metal is exposed to chlorine, alcohol, acids, or sulfur compounds that cause a tarnish, it should be cleaned thoroughly.


To ensure that gold plated jewelry retains its luster for the longest possible time, you should take preventative measures to minimize damage to the jewelry pieces.

1. When handling gold-plated pieces, make sure your hands aren't dirty or smeared with lotion.

2. Don't use mascara, perfume, or hairspray when wearing gold-plated jewelry.

3. Make sure you take off your gold-plated rings and bracelets when preparing acidic things.

4. While wearing gold-plated jewelry, you shouldn't swim in salt or chlorine pools.

5. Prevent salts from damaging gold-plated pieces by taking them off before exercising or sweating a lot.

6. Avoid mingling gold-plated jewelry with other pieces and chucking it in your purse. Keep it separate in the boxes.

7. To take care of gold plated jewelry, keep it in an air-tight plastic bag, and then store it in a box.

What's the best way to clean gold-plated jewelry? 

Following these instructions will get your gold-plated jewelry looking brand new. Your favorite jewelry will last longer and will be free of tarnishing. 

Wipe Down After Each Wearing

To remove body oils and soil from gold-plated jewelry, wipe it down after wearing it with a damp cotton ball, microfiber cloth, or jewelry cloth. Before storing, allow it to dry naturally.

Gold plated earrings

Prepare a cleaning solution

When it comes to cleaning jewelry at home, you need to check if the jewelry has visible dirt or feels sticky. It should be cleaned with a warm solution of soap and water. Clean your jewelry with a cup of warm water and 2 or 3 drops of dish soap.

Soak the Jewelry

Place the jewelry in the cleaning solution and let it soak for a few minutes unless it has embellishments such as gemstones, pearls, or enamel. Don't wash them all at once to prevent scratching.

Tackle Embedded Soil

Use a cotton swab to remove soil from small crevices on pieces with intricate carvings. To clean the gold plate, you should never use anything sharp, such as a knife or a paper clip.

Rinse, Dry, and Buff

Once the jewelry is clean, rinse it under warm running water, after drying, buff gently with a soft, lint-free cloth to restore the shine.

How to Clean Embellished Gold Plated Jewelry

If your gold-plated jewelry is embellished with precious or semiprecious stones, it is recommended that you avoid soaking these items. Most gold-plated jewelry has glued-on embellishments that can be loosened by soaking. Clean the pieces by dipping a cotton ball into a dishwashing liquid and water solution rather than soaking them. Simply scrub them, rinse them, and then buff them.

Gold plated jewelry

Final words

So these were some top tips that you can apply to take care of your gold plated jewelry and let it last longer for many years to come. But still if you are a bit secure about your image and seeking to buy affordable gold jewelry then, Yo Treasure has got your back. 

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