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Sapphire & Carnelian: The Healing Stones To Enhance Your Life

You being born in September makes you a favorite child of God. Trying to figure out why? Because your birthday is in September!! 

Being blessed with Sapphires and Carnelians as birthstones is an absolute privilege. History and legends surround both gemstones.  All over the world, from the middle ages to the present day, people have admired the beauty of these creations.  

Modern jewelry lovers ought to know about this magnificent journey. What's more significant is the profound connection between these gemstones and every aspect of life. These birthstones of September are believed to protect, heal, and empower the one who owns them. 

Don't hesitate to go bold with our Sapphire and Carnelian gemstone jewelry if you like to take your style to the next level. Check out these reasons why you should steal them for yourself!!


Follow your life's Journey with Sapphires!!

The bold and blu-tiful sapphire, a September birthstone, is believed to be used to enhance self-expression. It also helps you to be aware of your responsibilities for your thoughts and feelings. It improves your integrity and wisdom. 

Its deep blue color was thought to symbolize heaven during the Middle Ages. In the 1980s, Lady Diana's engagement ring with 12 CT sapphire was one of the most stunning examples of the incredible gemstone.


September birthstone rings-YoTreasure
  • Gives You Knowledge:

Sapphires are believed to provide you with understanding and skills; their blue color also represents spiritual development and skillfulness. If you want to learn new things or deepen your spiritual practices, you can place a sapphire in your home's study or work area.


  • Makes you lucky:

When luck isn't on your side, the feelings of depravity and loneliness can break you emotionally. At such a time, buy a sapphire stone and witness the change in your life. It is so because sapphires are believed to be lucky and bring mystical energies into your life. You can either wear it as jewelry or carry it around with you; still, it will bring positive changes in your life. 


  • Brings you Prosperity:

Sapphires are believed to bring wealth and prosperity to your life. So, if you are struggling with your finances or want to earn more, this healing stone can help you. We assure you, you won't regret this stone being a part of your life.


  • Brings Harmony to Relationships:

If you ever feel like your personal relationship is in jeopardy or are at a face-off with your business partner, you can bring harmony to your relations. All you have to do is either wear or carry the sapphire stone every time with you. The stone helps you connect with people emotionally and can remove friction from your relationships.


  • Improves Health:

Crystal healing is not new. Our ancestors used several gemstones in ancient times to heal several diseases; sapphire is one of them. It helps to improve your health and cure several diseases such as ailments of the kidney, stomach, gallbladder, spleen, and liver. You can also fight fever with this healing stone. 

This is just a small sample of the benefits of sapphire gemstones that can make your life rich, prosperous, and harmonious. Put this sapphire gemstone in your jewelry wardrobe to reap all these benefits.


Heal your Life with Carnelian!!

The bright and gorgeous Carnelian is a birthstone for September, believed to heal your body, mind, and soul: all in one swoop. Also, you must have noticed the warm hues of autumn on the stone; it is a reminder to let go of the seasons that don't deserve you and to always travel forward no matter how dark your path is. 

This stone has been given several names due to its vivacious creative edges, such as the singer's stone, sunset stone, and the artist's stone. 


Carnelian birthstone for September
  • Sparks Energy:

This healing stone is believed to help you get your inner fire burning brightly to go further with your goals, desires, and dreams. It is so because Carnelian is an extremely energizing stone; including it in your jewelry wardrobe will help you get that energy. 


  • Enhances Confidence & Self-Efficacy:

Several crystal experts believe Carnelian is a stone of joy, confidence, and self-empowerment. Once you possess Carnelian gemstone, you will witness the difference in your confidence level. And the confidence that this stone will give you will help you to empower yourself.


  • Inspires Creativity:

If you ever have been feeling burnt out, uninspired, and stuck, Carnelian will help you to overcome these feelings. It is because this stone is believed to be responsible for creativity. So, you can wear this stone to remove the blocks that come your way.


  • Offers Protection:

This stone is believed to provide you with protection, stability, and vitality. You can gain courage by using this stone. So, if you feel you require protection, you can go for Carnelian. 


  • Improves Your Health:

Carnelian is believed to heal several health issues. You will find this stone to be a kiss of relief, especially for people suffering from lower back problems or rheumatism. It also detoxifies your body. You will enjoy these benefits once you give Carnelian a little space in your life.


Perhaps you're wondering how you can incorporate these stones into your lifestyle??

We'll tell you how... Add these stones to your jewelry wardrobe!!

It is easy to find alluring jewelry pieces incorporating these stones. You can wear gemstone rings, earrings, pendants, and many others.

It's not just about healing your life but also about making a style statement. You can wear these in the office, at home, or on a special occasion. In addition, they can be ideal as gifts to someone close to you. 


Final Words:

Yo Treasure is a well-known name in the gemstone market, so make sure you browse our website to buy these glamorous jewelry pieces. There is a gemstone for everyone, so we are pretty sure you will find your perfect one. 

We have a huge collection of sapphires, carnelians, and other gemstones. Visit our website and browse our collection to choose the best. 


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