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Tanzanite - The December Birthstone

Tanzanite; 1000 Times Rarer Than Diamonds!!

“The most beautiful stone to be discovered in 2000 years.” - Harry Platt, president of Tiffany and Co.

A stunning gemstone that has racked up plenty of accolades, Tanzanite fascinates with its blue-purple hue. This enchanting gem is regarded as the birthstone for those born in December. 

The Tanzanite, because of its unusual beauty, is one of the most sought-after gemstones, making winter blues alluring and enchanting. This globally sensational gemstone was discovered in Tanzania at the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro and was named after the country of its discovery by Tiffany & Co. 

It is hailed as one of the Big Five Gemstones, along with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, by gem experts. A rare gem, Tanzanite carries fascinating secrets and meaning according to Masai folklore. 

Let’s delve into the luxurious vibrancy of the ‘gemstone of a generation.’  

What does tanzanite mean as the December birthstone?

The birthstone Tanzanite was discovered quite recently by the West. The gemstone has quickly gained cult status among gemstone lovers due in part to its rarity and amazing color, which varies from blue to violet.

The meaning of Tanzanite as the December birthstone derives partly from Masai lore and partly from modern astrology. In order to understand this precious gemstone, it is important to understand its history. 

Tanzanite Gemstone Legends

According to legend, a thunderbolt ignited the rugged terrain below Mount Kilimanjaro, causing the "magic fire" to transform the dull brown crystals into brilliant violet/blue gems. 

As the ashes and smoke cleared, local Maasai tribesmen stumbled upon these beautiful blue shards and believe that the stone will make their life richer. 

Tanzanite rings

Did you know that Tanzanite was heated?

The Tanzanite gemstone is naturally a reddish-brown color. To bring out its wonderful blue and violet hues, it is routinely heated up to 600 degrees centigrade to remove this color axis. 

Birthstone lore

Until 1967, Blue Tanzanite was unknown to the West. In Tanzania, the Masai tribes had long been aware of the purple-brown version of the mineral, and they often used it as amulets. Tanzanian women wore tanzanite during childbirth because the Masai believe it can give their babies good health and long lives.

In addition to communicating with spirits, the crystals were used to bring strength, luck, and peace to the tribes. 

Tanzanite; a Heart Crystal

December's birthstone radiates a deep blue glow that's matched with compassion, empathy, and softness. Tanzanites are heart stones and thrive on love. The heart gives them power, and they give it back. One of the strongest metaphysical crystals ever, tanzanite balances out hard times in relationships.

Tanzanite is associated with the heart chakra, and the heart chakra is where compassion, empathy, love, and forgiveness reside. Keeping you connected to the universe and healing emotional wounds, this healing gemstone opens you up to higher guidance.

I am Tanzanite; the Color Shifter

One more unique feature of Tanzanite is that it is the only gemstone with trichroic qualities. This means that it contains three color axis (angles), blue, purple, and reddish-brown. 

Tanzanite crystals appear in different colors based on the angle of viewing and the light source used. Due to this, under yellow incandescent light (evening lights), the purple and red hues stand out and the 'red flash' that is often described as being associated with fine Tanzanites can be seen. 

Tanzanite's hardness varies between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale, which makes it a little less durable than other gemstones. Tanzanite is fine to wear daily as earrings or necklaces, though ring settings might be best suited to special occasions. Tanzanite jewelry should be cared for properly to remain beautiful and long-lasting.  

Tanzanite jewelry

Symbolism and Meaning of Tanzanite

The Tanzanite Birthstone symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and intellectual development. Tanzanites are known to hold wisdom and truth. Through self-reflection, Tanzanites are thought to bring deep meaning to those who wear them.

The metaphysical properties of Tanzanite make it one of the most valuable stones used in metaphysical healing. 

Known to treat all stress-related illnesses and transform negative energy into positive ones, they are also said to help ease fear and anxiety. 

Their magical properties can make you feel connected with ancient wisdom, they are excellent during meditation, as their ability to enhance spiritual awareness makes them a very creative stone, too.  

Tanzanite Pendants

Tanzanite Birthstone Jewelry

Choosing tanzanite birthstone jewelry requires you to consider a few aspects of the gemstone. You should consider factors such as the cut, the size, the weight, and the color when selecting tanzanite.

Tanzanites are cut specifically to showcase their unique colors and beauty as opposed to diamonds, which have more of a standard cut and shape. Tanzanites are cut to maximize their natural beauty and brilliance.

Its carat size varies according to its dimensions and weight and is also measured by the stone's face-up dimensions.

Each gemstone of the Tanzanite family also has its own unique color, often showing more than one color at a time. They normally have blue hues or they could be a blue-violet mixture.

Both sterling silver and gold rings look stunning with tanzanite's deep blue color. Choosing an extravagant piece or a simple Tanzanite Pendant is your choice for necklaces and pendants. 

Tanzanite bracelets typically exhibit classic and simple designs. Tanzanite earrings typically feature beautiful studs or dangles.                        

Taking Care of Tanzanite December Birthstone Jewelry

If you care for and maintain the gemstone properly, Tanzanite remains stunning and beautiful for a long time. Cleaning the upper and underside of gemstones should not be performed in any way that involves vibrations. Instead, use a small brush and warm, soapy water. 

Let the tanzanite dry after rinsing well. Keep away from oils or harsh chemicals because they can severely damage the gemstone and diminish its value. 

Tanzanites are such a special gift

Tanzanite is an entrancing gemstone due to its color and sparkle. Yet this is not the only reason that makes it a great gift. Furthermore, you should consider the exclusivity of its origin, as tanzanite is very hard to come by.

Rare gemstones are esteemed mainly because they are the exclusive objects that a few people own. Its lasting investment value is what makes tanzanite such a lovely gift choice.

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