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The Ultimate Guide To Blue Topaz Gemstone Jewelry

If you're looking for unique and elegant jewelry, blue topaz is the way to go!

Topaz, the November birthstone, is a stone whose colors range from light blue to deep violet, and its ability to reflect light and brilliance is highly sought after. 

If you're buying topaz jewelry, do your research so you don't get scammed. 

Here's a shopping guide to get you started.

The History of Blue Topaz

The word topaz was first used in ancient times to refer to yellow gems. As time went on, the name came to be used to refer to the specific mineral known as topaz. This gemstone is well known for its many varieties of yellow, golden, brown, smoky, and sherry red imperial topaz crystals and several pure pink topaz gemstones. Pink and imperial topaz are both highly valued stones, and they are both very rare when in good condition.

The blue color of topaz was once the most sought-after color of topaz, but today, thanks to the development of a stable process for enhancing its color in the 1970s, it is the most common. 

In terms of the history of blue topaz, it is a story about alchemy and fantasy. As scientists have discovered in their research on how colors appear in minerals, natural radiation in the ground can create colors in various crystals, such as zircon and green diamonds. Researchers have found that the blue color of topaz can be induced in colorless or white topaz by irradiating it and then heating it so that the color remains stable.

Topaz rings

Guide for buying blue topaz jewelry 

Blue topaz jewelry has a unique charm that stands out from the rest. Moreover, blue topaz represents many qualities that make it a great choice for engagement rings. 

Blue topaz has a calming and soothing effect. In addition, it symbolizes loyalty and love.

Examine the blue topaz color

Topaz, in its purest state, is colorless. Gemstones contain impurities, which give them their myriad hues. Before buying gemstone jewelry, pay attention to the color since it plays a significant role in its appearance.

In the case of blue topaz, manufacturers developed methods of creating different shades of blue. The blue color is achieved with heat treatment and irradiation. This process creates a permanent and stable color. 

Check the gemstone clarity

A blue topaz's clarity is an important consideration. Type II topaz stones consist of liquids, glasses, crystals, and other inclusions.

This contributes to their clarity. However, blue topaz is classified as Type I. A stone in this category is unlikely to have visible inclusions.

Blue topaz with visible inclusions will be more expensive due to these blemishes. To get the most out of your money, you should look for a topaz jewelry gemstone without visible impurities.

Understanding the design and touch of the blue topaz gemstone jewelry!

A blue topaz stone's cut is also important to consider. Some topaz cuts add a little sparkle to blue topaz since it's one of the brightest stones out there. 

Thus, princess, round, and modern cuts look best with topaz. For the best clarity and color, go for an open facet cut. 

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The Styles and Metals Count

Depending on where you got your blue topaz, you'll find it in different styles. Due to the size of blue topaz stones, they're easier to cut.

Sterling silver is the most popular metal for setting blue topaz stones, but rose gold is another option. You can go with sterling silver or rose gold to complement the blue topaz's clean, relaxing vibe.

How to Clean and Care for Blue Topaz

Warm soapy water and a clean, dry cloth are all you need to clean a blue topaz. In this manner, dirt and grime that accumulate on the surface of the stone can be removed, and its luster will be restored.

As blue topaz is quite hard, it is extremely important to store it separately or preferably in a soft cloth in order to preserve its quality. Having your blue topaz protected by a metal coating will prevent your other gems from becoming scratched by the hard surface of the gem, and it can also keep the blue topaz protected from being scratched by harder gems like diamonds or sapphires.

Topaz should be removed prior to exercising, applying makeup, using detergents, or cleaning the house.

Where to buy Blue Topaz Gemstone Jewelry?

Having read the above article, you must have realized that it is not that typical to buy blue Topaz Gemstone Jewelry. 

blue topaz jewelry

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