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Why You Should Wear Amethyst Jewelry? - A Guide - YoTreasure

Why You Should Wear Amethyst Jewelry? - A Guide

What if you were wearing your favorite amethyst piece of jewelry and you were able to overcome a state of intoxication?

It seems a little strange, doesn't it?

However, simply wearing an amethyst pendant or ring was thought to be impactful and effective in ancient times. You might have been considered a wise sage.

According to ancient Greek belief, amethyst was a mighty blade that could slay the dragon of excessive alcohol consumption. Amethyst derives its meaning from the Greek epithet "amethystos," meaning "not intoxicating."

The Greeks weren't the only ones to feel the power of this fascinating semi-precious stone. Amethysts have been regarded as one of history's most sacred stones by many cultures and religions worldwide for centuries.

Do you seek positivity in your life? A gemstone with extraordinary healing powers, Amethyst; is quite possibly the answer to your problems. Symbolizing strength, power and courage, amethyst is a protective stone.

Furthermore, amethyst helps combat negativity of stress and anxiety, so many people meditate with it just to clear their minds of pessimism and disturbing thoughts.

Learn about some quirky, but intriguing, facts about this mystical gemstone and discover why amethyst jewelry is so popular.


Amethyst jewelry

Amethyst; Synonymous with Regality

A beautiful gem, amethyst is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful gems in the world to own and wear. But what exactly is it? Transparent purple, green, and purple quartz, amethyst is majestic. Despite amethyst's common occurrence, its high quality makes it a valuable stone. There are many benefits of wearing amethyst jewelry.

Evolution of Amethyst 

Historically, the Greeks believed that amethyst had healing properties, but they weren't the only ones to believed so. The cultures around the world had been attracted to the magic of this mesmerizing, mystical gem.

Amethyst has closely been associated with spirituality, wine consumption, and royal descent in folklore, religion, and history.

Historically, purple amethyst has been linked to wealth, royalty, and power. Throughout history, the British have decorated royal crowns with radiant amethyst jewelry.

Egyptians used this stone for jewelry and amulets, based on its significance and materials. In studies, amulets were found to serve as protections in the afterlife.

Why should you wear Amethyst Jewelry?

Here are top facts that make Amethyst Jewelry so appealing: Amethyst is a stone of beauty, but if its beauty doesn't convince you, here are some additional reasons:

Powers of healing & protection

Amethyst stones keep negative energy at bay. Additionally, they can help with anxiety disorders and stress relief. A form of protection used by many cultures to guard against bad spirits or dangerous situations.


Color selection for amethyst is unparalleled, even though it is easy to recognize. The variety of colors on display is stunning, from pale lavender to midnight plum.

Purity & Mysticism 

These semi-precious stones are believed to enhance intuition. A window sill adorned with an amethyst stone can help you clear your environment of toxic energy. 

Promotes Hormonal Balance

The crystal amethyst balances the endocrine system, which is responsible for producing hormones in the human body.


Amethyst gemstone

Helps with Weight Loss

The things that attract you to wear the Amethyst jewelry are its ability to help lose weight in countless ways. First, this assists the body in burning calories more efficiently by balancing metabolism. Also, it improves weight loss by balancing hormones.

Reduces Headaches

In general, amethyst relieves pain. However, it is most effective for headaches. As a result of its soothing energy, it reduces two of the main factors that cause headaches: stress and fatigue.

Why Amethyst Jewelry is gaining popularity worldwide?

The healing power of amethyst is unparalleled. A powerful tool for transformation, it combines its alluring beauty and its incredible energy.

When you wear an amethyst necklace or pendant, you are carrying the calming energy of the stone with you everywhere you go. In addition to protecting you from negative energy and giving you access to your inner wisdom, it assists you during your daily routine.

This is because so many people have worn this February birthstone, and even some people believe it to have some unique qualities.

The most well-known amethyst stone benefit pertains to the opening of the crown chakra and stimulation of the third eye, which allows you to connect to our higher consciousness.

Simply being in its presence allows people to connect with their higher selves and tap into the wisdom of the universe.

Where to buy Amethyst Jewelry?

The beauty of amethyst is undeniable. The beauty of these stones is unmatched when combined with other gemstones. So if you like to wear amethyst jewelry in warm, yet bold colors of purple, green, and pink, now is the time.


Amethyst jewelry

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