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Yo Treasure first opened their doors to retail in 2016, with a mandate to offer incredible value to the end consumer so that they can shout, "Yo Yo Yo...I found a Treasure!".

You can trust our jewelry to be a source of jewelry designed by skilled artisans who care deeply about handcrafted details. With our pieces, you're sure to have them for a long time to come.

Stunning Designs to Make Your Dreams Come True

We have chosen the most coveted jewels from our iconic collection, so you don't have to do the hard work.


What We Do The Best

What Our Customers Say About Yo Treasure

At Yo Treasure, we offer high-quality products at incomparable prices, without compromising the quality or integrity of the product. You save money while enjoying the great value and most treasured products. Yo Treasure's cost savings may have you wondering how it's possible.

Gemstones are the major component driving jewelry prices, and Yo Treasure has been successful in reducing the production costs by a huge number by buying the raw gemstones directly from the mines and processing the gemstones in-house. This allows Yo Treasure to determine the gemstone quality and cut down manufacturing costs by a significant amount.

Yo Treasure does not have any layers between them and the end-user, so the majority of savings are right there.

Discover Your Real Spark!!

We at Yo Treasure are on a mission: to become the ultimate jewelry destination. We're uniquely positioned to leverage our industry relationships, combining long-standing category expertise with our ability to provide choice, enable discovery, and provide the highest level of quality. We've curated collections for every step, from wardrobe staples to milestone jewelry.

To put it simply, we have the jewelry, the expertise, and the vision to mark the moments that define you.