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What's Hot in Amethyst Jewelry This Year?

Beautiful, potent, and sure to sweep everyone off their feet while firmly grounding all who wear it!!

Amethyst jewelry has long been coveted for its stunning hues and distinguished design.

With ultraviolet being the color of the year, many people are looking for unique amethyst jewelry. Purple isn't the only color available though, as it also has several other options.


amethyst jewelry

The amethyst is a popular purple pick this year, and it comes in other variations as well, like deep purple, natural green, and impenetrable violet.

The amethyst symbolizes intelligence and clarity, and if the old tale is true, it can protect against evil forces.

This year, amethyst jewelry is achieving high scores in almost every gallery section. Explore the extensive selection of jewelry available, all of which is a treasure in its own right.

Top trending Amethyst Jewelry in 2022

Amethyst Studs

To begin with, let's look at the simplest specimen: a pair of studs. Amethyst stud earrings are set with medium-sized amethysts, and the number of prongs and basket settings vary with design and shape. 

These studs are just as beautiful and equally elegant. The new amethyst collection of studs is a dazzling choice for someone who appreciates the color violet in their studs. For a start, pick up a pair of dazzling violet studs from the new amethyst collection.


Amethyst stud

Amethyst Rhodolite Garnet Solid 925 Sterling Silver Drop Earrings Jewelry

The popularity of amethyst drop earrings has soared over the past year. As amethysts have earned a central place in drop earrings after emeralds, they now hold the top spot. Simple hook and leverback clasps allow these earrings to be worn easily. 

This lovely pair of drop earrings features mostly silver and are lovely and dainty. Their simple frame and elegant design make them stylish and stunning.

925 Sterling Silver Natural Green Amethyst Ring

Ring lovers will have plenty of choices to choose from this year. In the Yo Treasure store, there are countless options for amethyst rings. Right now, the ring section offers a lot to browse and purchase that you will probably need to visit more than once to ensure you find everything you're looking for. 

Make a statement with a style that is classic or modern, elegant or minimalist. You can't go wrong with either.


Green amethyst jewelry

Amethyst Sterling Silver Long Pendant Chain Necklace Jewelry

The amethyst pendant is incredibly beautiful and have excellent astrological properties. This elegant pendant can be worn anywhere, to any occasion, and at any time, and the amethyst is what makes it so lovely and unique. 

These pendants can be a great gift for anniversaries, weddings, or even surprise your soul mate.

The Silver Long Pendant Chain Necklace Jewelry adorned with quality amethysts is trending. In addition, the deep purple gem pendant necklace jewelry is exquisite and will certainly add to the value of your look.

Amethyst Sterling Silver Pendant

Amethyst Bracelet

Whether it's a special occasion or a normal day, you can never go wrong with a perfect bracelet. Purple has a bold and vibrant aesthetic that looks effortlessly elegant with black, navy, white and bright summer colors and patterns.

Embedded in sterling silver, this amethyst bracelet represents good fortune and love.

Citrine Jewelry

Choosing is up to you!

It doesn't matter what kind of birthstone jewelry you choose, whether it's an engagement ring, promise ring, pendant- all of them will be beautiful! It is all about how eager you are to receive stunning amethyst jewelry.’ 

Browse through the selection of jewelry designs on Yo Treasure or choose a piece of jewelry that feels tailored specifically to you on a custom piece designed specifically for you. Whatever you choose, we are here to help you.


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